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Angelo Spadaro

Sito Personale Didattica

Welcome !

This website has been designed as an additional channel of communication and interaction with the students of the following courses:

  • Instrumental Pharmaceutical Analysis - 6 CFU (ASdF, line A-L) CdLM in Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory III - 6 CFU (LAF III, line A-L) CdLM in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
  • Analysis of Biotechnological Drugs - 6 CFU (AdFB, line A-Z) CdL in Biotechnology

 of the Departments of Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences (DSFS) and Biomedical and Biotechnological Sciences (BIOMETEC) of the University of Catania. For information the students of the old CdLS courses can contact directly the teacher by email

The site, created with simple graphics to allow quick and intuitive navigation, is updated in real time and contains sections devoted to the courses listed above where you will find:

  • alerts about the organization of the courses;
  • results of examinations and ongoing evaluations;
  • a section for online booking of frequency of laboratory courses;
  • a large FAQs section classified by subject;
  • a section dedicated to e-Learning which include modules for online interactive self-assessment.

The site is reserved exclusively to the students of the above mentioned courses. Students to access the web site must register an account by providing valid university ID and e-mail. The registration is mandatory to protect the privacy of students as required by the Italian law about privacy (see privacy statement in the registration form). Students can choose to appear in the lists of examination results with their real name or by an anonymous username.

The official teaching language as well as the language of this web site is Italian.

Angelo Spadaro